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Finally - Unevis has an Official LinkedIN page - So I guess we officially start existing and we are slowly exiting our stealth mode 😁
Come and see what we have been working on at the Unreal Build Automotive 2021 event:
Check out our new webpage in a new design:

Unevis is happy to announce Solid Machine - the first AI based conversion technology bringing CAD data into Unreal.

Solid Machine comes with additional modules like Solid Meta, a tool to connect Big Data with the CAD data right in Unreal reducing complex QA tasks down to minutes instead of days. With Solid Slim you are able to fix and reduce thousands of CAD Data while maintaining all the car details. Solid Leap enables you to convert Shader libraries from single images and Solid Creator connects everything by offering a Front end to enable designers without any realtime skills to produce great looking marketing pictures.

We are extremely proud to announce the project for the first time at yesterday's Unreal Build: Automotive 2021 online event. Without the support of Epic the Megagrant team, the IFB Hamburg, VW and the Effekt-Etage, Project Solid wouldn't have been possible. We thank all of our partners for their continued support. We are looking forward making complex CAD Data processes and workflows even more accessible in the future.

We invite you to find out more at:
Discover the new Audi grandsphere concept car which was brought to life using a Realtime Tracking and Streaming Technology called SpectatorView which UNEVIS developed in close collaboration with the sxces Communication AG, Trackmen GmbH and kindly supported by Epic's Unreal Engine.
Happy Easter from UNEVIS!

While you prepare for the Easter Bunny you may want to check out new Corporate design on our webpage, designed by our friends from Format Design Visual Identities GmbH in Hamburg.