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The team behind UNEVIS has created the prototype with us for our Content Creator. The pilot pushed the very definition of the word “pilot” and surpassed our original ideas. With the team’s automation approach, we were able to quickly iterate the pilot on a daily base. The collaboration with the team was fantastic and we are looking forward to working with UNEVIS on our next innovation project. 

Mark Gruszka
Head of Department VMD/3
The combination of Solid Machine and Unreal Engine gives us a glimpse of the Future in Automotive content production. Solid Machine’s AI tools help us to cut down production times and to focus more on beautiful pictures instead. The technology eases the pain when working with Automotive CAD data and makes complex processes much simpler.
Björn Kowalski
Managing Director

In a rapidly changing and highly competitive global games market, we constantly push our games to the latest technologies. UNEVIS’s team provided exactly what we were looking for in our Seafight conversion project. UNEVIS was able to adapt to our technological needs in a fast amount of time. What’s more, UNEVIS helped us to improve our product and gave us the development boost we needed.

Jan Yves Josten